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Tooth Repair Options Ideal for Front Teeth

February 26, 2021 by christopher pupillo

The most visible teeth in your mouth are the front teeth. Whenever you smile, talk, or eat, you may become self-conscious of your teeth if changes or damages have occurred. When you seek out tooth repairs, you have multiple options to choose from. Learn how a dentist can transform your front teeth and give you a whole new smile.

Each method is completed for different reasons and the procedures come with various benefits for your dental health.

Crown Lengthening

In some cases, you may feel like your gums extend downward over your teeth too much. If you want to change the look of a gummy smile, then you can request a treatment known as crown lengthening. The treatment involves removing gum tissue to showcase more of the teeth. Some of the more involved processes may also include removing bone under the gums.

If your mouth is prone to swollen gums, the crown lengthening may be done to reduce the visual presence and uncomfortable nature of swollen gums on your front teeth. The crown lengthening also makes more room to place a crown on the tooth. A crown may be ideal for chipped or rotting front teeth that need protection.

The crown lengthening process is typically completed in a single session, although you may need to go to follow-up appointments to check on the healing or complete additional dental procedures like a crown installation.


Whether you lost your front teeth or repairs are just not worth the hassle, you do have the option to look into dental implants. Implants are complete tooth replacements that will sit permanently in your mouth. A dental implant installation is a multi-step process. First, your current front teeth are extracted and the implant anchors are installed inside your jawbone.

The anchors need to fuse with the jaw bone. Between appointments, the dentists will create the implant teeth that attach to the anchors. The teeth will match the shape and style front your previous teeth to ensure your mouth looks natural.

Once fully installed, the implants will improve your smile and become a permanent part of your mouth that you quickly get used to.

Tooth Bonding

If you have chipped or cracked front teeth, one of the quickest repair solutions is tooth bonding. A dentist will use a natural-colored resin on your current tooth to help fill in the chips and cracks. The bonding process is typically a same-day procedure and will help restore the shape and size of your front tooth.

Once the bonding sets, your smile will return to normal and you can eat or drink like you normally would. Tooth bonding is often the quickest and most affordable way to treat your front teeth. The resin color will match the tones of your teeth so the new material does not stand out.

Dental Veneers

An option similar to bonding is a dental veneer. While bonding shapes around a cracked or chipped front tooth, a veneer is placed directly over the front of the tooth. A veneer will cover up the front tooth and fill in areas that are damaged. The veneer adds extra protection to a tooth that has suffered from enamel damage.

Much like the bonding, the process is done in a single day and a dental office can shape the veneer to match the rest of your smile. You could have a veneer placed on just a single front tooth or veneers placed over multiple front teeth to have them match in size and color.

Contact us at Accent Dental to discuss any of the treatments for your front teeth. Our dental professionals can guide you through each step of the process and help transform your front teeth.