Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Many people consider wisdom teeth removal a rite of passage. In the same decade that young people learn to drive and get the right to vote, they also have their wisdom teeth removed. However, even if you’re an older adult, rather than a teenager, you can still benefit from this procedure.

At Accent Dental in Valparaiso, IN, we offer full dental services, including wisdom teeth removal services. This procedure frees space in a cramped jaw, prevents a misaligned bite, and helps you avoid infections from impacted wisdom teeth. Meet with us today to create a plan to have these teeth removed and keep your mouth healthy.

Learn More About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you have a dentist remove your wisdom teeth, this procedure requires surgery. Do not worry—modern medicine has made this process virtually painless. However, you should prepare for this surgery just as you would prepare for any other surgery. In the days before your appointment, get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet, and do not drink alcohol or smoke.

These actions boost your body’s immune system and healing ability, and they decrease your risk for infection. Continue these tasks even after we have extracted your wisdom teeth to ensure you heal without complications.

During the extraction, we will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable. Give us a call to learn more about our sedation options. If you prefer to avoid sedation, we also have other ways to make your visit pleasant. You get to decide on the treatment options that suit your needs best.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you would like more information on extracting wisdom teeth, call Accent Dental at 219-465-4008 or visit our location in Valparaiso, IN. We will happily give you more details and set up an appointment for your procedure.